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Transport your kayak to and from

the water, safer and easier,

by using a pull over

kayak trolley.

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pull over kayak trolley -  ready to ride

pull over kayak trolley in the open position.

The pull over kayak trolley

The pull over kayak trolley is a simple, foldable, small, easy to fit and lightweight kayak trolley.

The dimensions of the pull over kayak trolley have been kept to a minimum and the clever folding design allows you to stow the trolley away inside your kayak even through a standard hatch.

The advantage of the pull over kayak trolley over another kayak trolley, is that it requires no dismantling of parts or difficult assembly. It can simply be unfolded and fitted over the kayak or stowed away inside the kayak within seconds even with very cold, wet or small hands.

The pull over kayak trolley has a custom made chassis that securely fastens to the kayak's cockpit by strong webbing attachments.

The webbing system gives the pull over kayak trolley a universal fit that can be used on virtually any kayak.

The pull over kayak trolley can be folded up and stowed behind the seat of a normal kayaks or stowed eassily into into a 6" hatch.

The pull over kayak trolley has been designed with the latest manual handling regulations in mind.

The BCU recommend that: -
"All Canoeists need to raise their awareness of manual handling and that damage can occur to joints and muscles, particularly when they are moving or lifting people or any equipment that is related to the sport of Canoeing"

So, Let the pull over take the strain!

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