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pull over kayak trolley - ready to stow.

pull over kayak trolley in the closed position.

pull over kayak trolley design concept

The original idea for the pull over kayak trolley was conceived during a British Canoe Union (BCU) manual handling course.

The emphasis of the course was on the stresses and strains experienced on the body while manually handling canoes, kayaks and equipment.

The BCU state that lifting and carrying the canoe to and from the water, is one of the 3 major risks of injury in canoe sport. The majority of injuries being to the back due to the poor lifting and carring of the canoe.


Injuries caused while manual handling canoes and kayaks. BCU figures.

As the graph shows, 45% of injuries caused by handling are back injuries, the question was posed," is the body prepared for the stresses placed on it as we move, lift and carry our equipment ? "

To take the strain away from the body the BCU advise the use of mechanical devices where ever possible. This highlighted the lack of suitable kayak trolleys as most of the available products are for Canadian canoes.

The evaluation of the above information spawned the concept of the pull over kayak trolley.

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