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Transport your kayak to and from

the water, safer and easier,

by using a pull over

kayak trolley.

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pull over kayak trolley design early sketch

pull over kayak trolley early design sketch.

pull over kayak trolley design process

After several sketches and mock-ups of trolley design, we realised there was more to kayak trolley design then just a kayak with wheels.

pull over kayak trolley design sketch

This led us to define the following criteria;

1.The kayak trolley must be lightweight

2. Easily attached and removed

3. Non damaging to the body of the canoe

4. Universal fitting to most boats

5. Robust and waterproof

6. Easily stored in the boat when detached

7. It must have as few parts as posibble

8. It must have no loose or detachable parts

9. It should allow for easy movement of the kayak

10. and... most importantly, it must take the strain off the body!

With the criteria defined we realised that the project was more complex then we originally envisaged. So, with the help of a DTi Smart Award we were able to employ a design house, Canard Design, to evolve the basic concept of the pull over kayak trolley into reality. more...

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