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4m Throwline

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Quickline ~ Close Proximity Rescue

Quickline Close Proximity Rescue line

The Quickline is a 4m long tape throwline that anybody who takes waterborne activities seriously should add to their kit, it is as essential as a whistle.

The Quickline is perfect for the Close Proximity Rescue, being 4m long it is able to pack down to a size of less then 10cm x 10cm, a perfect size for your buoyancy aid pocket or trouser/shorts pocket while on the bank

The Quickline features a Velcro tie band on one end to keep the strap neatly coiled ready for throwing, and 'rescue wings' and a karabiner loop on the other.

Quickline Rescue Wings

Rescue Wings

The 'rescue wings' provide a significant grip point to help locate the hands around the Quickline, making a positive hold on any rescue line can be difficult when you are cold and wet.

The 'rescue wings 'are a comforting point if you feel the line slipping through your hands .


The Quickline can be used as versatile tow line, used as a 4m single line that's attached via a karabiner through the loop on the end and then attached to a canoe or kayak to be towed.

The other end is wrapped around a paddle shaft and made secure by the paddlers hand clamping it firmly down on the shaft.

This make the Quickline ready to be released at a moments notice, eliminating the risk to the person doing the towing in a kayak.

Quicline Towline

The same method can be used in an open canoe with the line being passed around the thwart and held by the paddlers knee and quickly released if required.

The Quickline can be used as a 2m towline that can be attached to the boat in tow in the same way or can be passed through the boats grab loop and over the shoulder of the person doing the towing.

This can be easily released from the shoulder at a moments notice.


One of the major issues with throwlines is that most people very rarely have to throw one and very rarely practice throwing one. When the need arises, more often than not, you end up throwing a line that is way to long for the purpose and misses its intended target.

The Quickline is coiled ready to deploy straight from your pocket, holding onto the strap and using an underarm throw the Quickline deploys it's full length straight to your target.

NO snagging, NO tangle, 'straight on target every time' from a coiled start.


The Quickline has many other uses and can be used as a Rescue Stirrup and a Tow-Line.

The Quickline is a must for anyone who spends time around any water, so if you are heading near the water make sure you are carrying a Quickline in your pocket .

The Quickline can a useful aid for:

kayaking, canoeing, dingy sailing, stream walking, coasteering, pool lifeguards, rafting, fishing, dive boats and any water bourne activities.

If you are a parent or a coach on the bank or just watching with this product in your pocket you become a possible lifesaver or at the very least someone who makes another persons life easier.

The Quickline can be there to assist the person who is struggling up that slippery bank or trying to clamber out of the water after a hard swim.

'It's like a 4m long helping hand'


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